For almost 50 years, Fly Ace Corporation has been bringing top quality food and beverage products to Filipino homes. One of the leading fast moving consumer goods companies in the country today, Fly Ace Corporation directly sources products from across the globe including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States. It's commitment to offer high quality and excellent products at prices affordable to Filipino families propels the continuous growth of the company.

Fly Ace Corporation is a key player in five categories:

1. Oils
2. Canned Fruits and Vegetables
3. Juices, Milk, wines & Sparkling mineral water
4. Noodles, Pasta, Condiments, and Sauces
5. Snacks, Spreads, Cereals, and Other Markets

Fly Ace Corporation has established solid foundations that enable a steady flow of supply from various principals abroad proving only the strong confidence in Fly Ace as a major player in the trade. Strengthening and forging key relationships with its stakeholders, building a good reputation, and cultivating growth are core principles that set the stage for a prosperous future.

In 1972, Lucio Cochanco Sr. and Ederlina Cochanco began the family legacy by setting up Jolly General Merchandise, retailing agricultural products such as rice, sugar, and cooking oil. The company evolved to include trading of imported consumer and health products in 1986 which led to the incorporation of Fly Ace Corporation in 1993.

It was in 1997 that Fly Ace Corporation ventured into its first house brand under the Jolly brand, offering canned fruits, vegetables, and cooking enhancers. This was followed by several other house brands including Dona Elena, Good Life, Jolly Spreads, and Jolly Cow.

From a small office in Binondo, the company now has its own building, Fly Ace Corporate Center in the bustling area of Pasay City, a few minutes away from the country’s largest shopping mall. The company has exhibited tremendous growth from having two employees to over two hundred professionals today, all experts in their respective fields.

The company is managed by Fly Ace Corporation President Lucio Cochanco Jr., Vice President for Sales and Marketing Larry Cochanco, Vice President for Logistics Elliz Cochanco and Vice President for Support Services Ellen Conchanco.

Today Fly Ace is a food and beverage consumer goods company equipped with the right team and structure to help propel its continuous growth.

Our Mission

To our Consumers and Institutional Customers
We offer a wide range of high quality food products that are reasonably priced and consistently available in the market.

To our Business Partners
We offer our fast moving products to business partners who provide us with greater market access. We match this with equitable margins, reliable service and product support that altogether ensures continuous growth of business partnership.

Our Vision
We are a major reliable source of high quality global food products and a winning provider of experience in service, quality merchandise and business partnership.

We shall uphold the shared values of:

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. We shall consistently strive to improve our performance and maximize opportunities by acting with speed, thinking out of the box and making the right decisions when they are needed while taking calculated risk.

COLLABORATION. We shall think, act, speak as one and hence work as a team; sharing the same goal, pursuing one direction and providing support to make things happen.

INTEGRITY. We shall consistently deliver our commitments in all our business activities, with due fairness, honesty, love for and stewardship of truth. We shall promote quality and excellence in all aspect of our products, processes and people.

DISCIPLINE. We shall adhere to a constant pursuit of an organizational and personal excellence through mastery of our duties and responsibilities. We shall match this with the right attitude and behavior.

PRUDENCE. We shall show care and foresight with the use of our resources, always conscious of the value of truth, time, talent and treasure. We shall work with simplicity and frugality practicing stewardship.

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