Dona Elena Mediterranean Line

Dona Elena has a wide array of other Mediterranean products - Black and Green Olives, Capers, Flat Fillets in Anchovies, Spanish Sardines and Canned Tomatoes! Dona Elena makes gourmet cooking convenient and within your reach.

Whip up a mouth-watering feast in your own home with Doña Elena's line of Mediterranean products. Stock up on flavorful pitted and sliced Black and Green Olives, tangy-lemony Capers, calcium and omega3-laden Anchovies, healthy and delicious Spanish Sardines, anti-oxidant rich Pimientos and natural, vine-ripened, peeled Canned Tomatoes.

With this extensive range of quality Mediterranean ingredients in your pantry, healthy gourmet cooking is quick and convenient, keeping you ready for surprise guests and sudden cravings.

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