Maine Mendoza topbills her first live cooking show on ‘The Jolly Show’

Among today’s famous celebrities, it’s no question that phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is at the top of her game -- as an actress, an author, a lifestyle blogger, and of course as a culinary graduate. Just recently, Maine showed off her culinary prowess during a live cooking episode of The Jolly Show on Facebook.

Via a breezy and easy-to-follow format, foodies and home cooks watched and indulged in Maine’s cooking demo. Hosted by Jamie Fournier together with Chefs Deejay Santos and Mac Flaviano, the TV superstar brought her own “funtertainment” flavor into the show. The bubbly “Kitchen Queen” impressed viewers with her punchlines and wacky comic antics, complete with dance choreography while preparing two classic "Maine" holiday “handaan” dishes with a “jolly” twist: Pinoy Style Spaghetti with JOLLY mushroom and JOLLY Chicken in Gravy Sauce. Maine also shared cooking tips and ways on how to create presentable dish plating.

Besides exchanging shout-outs and tweets, three lucky JOLLYkadas got a chance to win Maine’s autographed book and JOLLY gift certificates during the online promo contest while the live audience had the unforgettable chance to personally chat with the actress.

“We are so happy and honoured to have Maine on The JOLLY Show. Maine’s infectious, larger-than-life personality and innate love for cooking surely invigorated JOLLY fans’ foodie passion from all over,” said Fly Ace Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Abigail Ng-Reyes.

Ultimate foodie ‘lodi’

Whenever she’s looking for a simple yet satisfying meal for her loved ones, Maine revealed that besides having the patience and basic know-how, one of the fine elements in creating a satisfying meal is one’s choice of ingredients. Maine swears by that in cooking, one doesn't have to be an extraordinary chef to create a joyful dish for the family.

“Easy to prepare, budget-friendly, nutritious, and can be readily made using JOLLY canned ingredients. It doesn't take much to make our loved ones happy. It is the thought and the amount of love poured into the dish that matter,” says Mendoza.

When asked about ideas on how to entertain guests during get-togethers this Yuletide season, Maine replied: “For me, the easiest way is to serve delicious food.”

“My go-to staple ingredients are JOLLY Mushroom and JOLLY Corn. These are my personal favorites, I always have them in my pantry. They are super versatile; they perfectly blend in or level up any dish. Especially this Christmas season when we are so dedicated in cooking something hearty and special for our loved ones and families. Christmas, after all, is about sharing and bonding with the family, ideally of course over lovingly-made food,” shares the Dubsmash queen.

Maine also candidly lifts the lid on her new learning experiences, and her “secrets” in dishing out delicious homegrown recipes. Following the success of her FB live cooking demo, she openly spoke about her jolly experience.

“I’m very happy; this is my first ever cooking demo since I joined showbiz! Before, I did cooking activities at school, for projects. If there’s anything that’s truly unique and amazing about my experience is that this time I cooked live, and with a huge audience watching from all over the Philippines and from different parts of the world! The engagement level is high and so dynamic. I wholeheartedly thank my fans for supporting me and JOLLY Food Line in this activity,” she gushes.

“The JOLLY Show is not only entertaining; it is also very educational. It also helped that there are chefs on board the show who gave practical cooking tips and other tidbits which greatly optimized the informative aspect to our segment. Though I’m a culinary graduate, I still learned a lot, like new recipe insights,” Maine adds.

As to the possibility of hosting her own cooking show, the actress gamely answered in the affirmative. “We couldn't tell, but who knows? But if given the opportunity, I’ll gladly take a shot! I really, really enjoyed my first cooking show experience, it’s fun! Let’s see if this can be a new career path for me in the future,” concludes Maine.

Developed by JOLLY Food, “The Jolly Show” is a fun, interactive online venue for food lovers, home cooks, and aspiring momtrepreneurs to share cooking experiences and common interests in the kitchen. Piloted in May, “The Jolly Show” is a monthly-themed, full-live cooking demo on Facebook with each kitchen session featuring special guests joining the actual cooking demo and Web discussions.

Catch Maine’s recent JOLLY Show episode as well as join forthcoming online cooking sessions and live discussions by visiting the Jolly Eats page on Facebook (@JollyFoods). Recorded cooking demo videos and recipes are also posted on Jolly Eats on FB, Twitter and Instagram (@jollyeatsph).

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