Our sales team is professionalized with talents from different industries. Keeping ongoing business engagements apart from ensuring that stocks move from the shelf to households is our key thrust.

Our sales team has the capability to distribute nationwide in all key channels:

1. Modern Trade – Fly Ace has strong presence across modern trade accounts like major supermarket chains nationwide.

2. General Trade – Handles our Distributor and Wholesaler accounts nationwide.

3. Food Service – Services hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, airlines, and other institutional accounts.

4. Wine Business Development Group – Handles bars, restaurants, and specialized liquor retailers.

5. Drug stores and Convenience Channel – Exclusively handles convenience stores, and drug stores with retail section.

Each product is given support at the trade level through our own Trade Marketing Group in charge of channel and category development and in-store promotions following a category-channel approach discipline.

The exclusive national Merchandising Team comprises of exclusive area coordinators, over four hundred merchandisers deployed nationwide, and a dedicated in-house merchandising team overseeing the operations.

Led by the marketing team, the company also takes pride in building brands and growing categories.

Influencing consumer demand, developing brand-building activities, conducting market research, tracking market share and ensuring overall brand health are some of the core functions of the Marketing Team. It is composed of the Brand Management Team and supported by an in-house Marketing Services Team that includes Brand Activation Group, Creative Services, and PR and Digital Marketing.

The company boasts of four warehouses, each one strategically located in the country’s primary island groups of Luzon (Valenzuela and Malabon), Visayas (Cebu), and Mindanao (Davao). Each warehouse is equipped with dry and cold storage facilities to maintain the quality of the products before they are dispatched to outlets for selling. Inventory management, toll manufacturing, repacking, and fleet transport are managed internally.

Fly Ace Corporation's management is dedicated to propelling the company forward as a market leader in food and beverage consumer goods. Our teams are made up of professionals who are all experts in their respective fields, helping us forge and strengthen our relationships with our stakeholders, both internal and external, local and international.

Completing the company structure are the Budget and Accounting, Information Technology, and Human Resources departments who ensure the smooth operations of the company.

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